Since all the occult rituals in every book as well as those taught by every secret occult group are twisted and corrupted; their aim to breed a higher more sublime form of goyim (cattle); Aberdeen Angus cows rather than the standard low quality cows, either way the consumer are the intradimensional entities such as Crowley´s Lam or the OTO´s spiders. The Psi-Lord´s magicians are the apex predators so it is rational to change the past and every alternative past as well as the present and the future, so that every non Psi-Lord magician is always trapped in Omega Hell and all the power from all of his rituals comes to the Psi-Lord. This enables the production of a Psychotronic Generator: the Supernatural Spirit Total Ritual Service, in which every occult ritual done by man or beastly intradimensionals or aliens, be they Lam or the OTO spiders…is powering the Psychotronic Crystal which contains and has stolen all their power.

To this end the Psi-Lord is selling a limited number of Psychotronic Generator Psychotronic Crystal Supernatural Spirit crystal orbs which contain all the rituals extant to power your wand so you can do any spells in any magical book or secret society ritual without any effort and scapegoating all non Psi-Lord magicians for karma and potential blowback. This streamlines magic into a science where the only purpose of non Psi-Lord magicians, be they freemasons, Illuminati, OTO, Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn…Satanists, is to power your rituals and pay the price for your ultimate power. This cleans up all the booby traps of magic and gives you the power of all the magicians and the entities that possess them to power your wand to use its octonian web (as used by the tunnel of Seth´s spiders) to net you wealth, women, power to emulate the ultimate badass black Ipsissimus Tim Tony Stark Rifat. Join the rape and pillage of western civilization by upsurping Illuminati magic to make yourself with the Psi-Lord one of the elite. Enjoy!
Supernatural Spirit Total Ceremoinial Magic Orb and Scapegoat Engine $10000